Blunders and How to Avoid Them: Eliminate Mistakes from your Play

  • Offers help to the blunder-prone players
  • Explains techniques to avoid errors
  • Written by an experienced competitor

No one likes to make mistakes, but all chess players, even those belonging to the worls elite, are prone to blundering. How can this problem be eradicated or, at the very least, kept to a minimum? Read this book and find out! Experienced chess player and writer Angus Dunnington takes a look at why the good, the bad and the indifferent all make errors, from small positional misjudgements to simply leaving a queen en prise. Dunnington explores the reasons for oversights and the habits one needs to develop in order to banish these problems. This book is crucial reading for those plagued by chess disasters!

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Book Pub Date May 20, 2004
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Format Paperback
Pages 144
ISBN 9781857443448
Author Angus Dunnington
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