Break the Rules!: A Modern Look at Chess Strategy

  • Improve your chess strategy and creativity
  • Recognize and exploit typical thinking processes
  • Check your progress with rule-breaking exercises
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Art of Attack
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As we progress as chess players we quickly learn a set of guidelines which help us to formulate plans, develop typical strategies and recognize key tactics. However, chess is not an easy game, with fixed 'rules' that can be applied to every single position. In fact, blindly following such rules proves to be counterproductive and prevents a player from moving on to the next level, whereas knowing when to 'break' these rules is precisely the skill which separates the best from the rest.

In this instructive book, Grandmaster Neil McDonald studies in depth the key components of successful rule-breaking in chess. Drawing upon his own experience and using illuminating examples from modern grandmaster chess, McDonald examines how to avoid stereotypical thinking, how to exploit typical thinking patterns, and how to confuse and beat opponents with surprising ideas.

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Book Pub Date Jul 31, 2012
Book Pub Date (US) Nov 30, 2012
eBook Pub Date Jul 19, 2012
Format Paperback
Pages 160
ISBN 9781857446739
Author Neil McDonald
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Chess Viewer Yes
Kindle Yes
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