Opening Repertoire: The English

  • How to play 1 c4 with confidence
  • Emphasis on plans and strategies
  • Written by an English expert

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The English (1 c4) is a fine choice for players who like to enjoy a wide variety of middlegame positions. One of its great attractions is flexibility and diversity: White can play either aggressively or quietly, and the resultant middlegame positions are rich in both strategy and tactics.

In this book, International Master David Cummings presents the reader with a complete English repertoire. The English is, by its nature, highly transpositional. Black can opt for a King’s Indian-type set-up, a Queen’s Gambit Declined-type set-up or aim for a reversed Sicilian position. David identifies promising methods to meet all Black’s main options and efficient methods to deal with awkward sidelines.

The English often leads to situations where there are opportunities to employ tricky move orders. David explains how to navigate through these successfully and avoid any unfortunate pitfalls. This book tells you everything you need to know about playing the English.

  • How to play 1 c4 with confidence
  • Emphasis on plans and strategies
  • Written by an English expert

Additional Information

Additional Information
eBook Price from $21.95
Book Pub Date 12 Dec 2016
Book Pub Date (US) 31 Jan 2017
eBook Pub Date No
Format Paperback
Pages 400
ISBN 9781781943748
Author David Cummings is an experienced International Master, who has represented Canada at the Chess Olympiad. He is a regular contributor to the opening theory website ChessPublishing.com, writing a monthly column covering the English and Flank Openings.
Updates No
Openings English
ePub Yes
Chess Viewer Yes
Kindle Yes


Customer Reviews (2)

jeremysilman.comJohn Donaldson
Cummings’ repertoire requires mastering many more middlegame structures than purely g3 based English systems. They range from the Maroczy Bind to Isolated Queen Pawn positions. While this could be just the ticket for an ambitious player wishing to learn many different types of middlegames, it does require a significant time commitment, much larger than for those who play 1.c4 followed by g3 and Bg2. Accordingly I would primarily recommend this book for players rated 2000 to 2400 USCF.
CHESS MagazineSean Marsh
Cummings writes in an engaging style and is very strong on explaining the ideas for both sides throughout the book. He pulls off the trick of making it very accessible to club players and/or those new to the English while at the same time offering enough ideas to tempt 1c4 aficionados, making this one of the best Everyman opening books of recent times.